You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Pig is… um, oops, lost the joke there (Mmm… Marginalia #88)

Writing three marginalia posts in the same day is oddly taxing. It’s almost like it’d be better somehow if I spread them out over three weeks. Must look into that. So let me close out today with a quickie, from Harvard’s MS Richardson 31, of a she-boar wearing a fetching new hat:

Vanity–it’s not just for mermaids anymore.

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  • Healigan

    always enjoy your blog. you should know that today's post (in my Google Reader) was accompanied by three ads for miniature pigs. I guess I must be interested in tiny pigs AND medieval marginalia….

  • Got Medieval

    Miniature pigs is a lot better than the Muslim Singles ads that were tacked onto the Cordoba post. I'm pretty sure those had a negative effect on the blood pressure of many of my more conservative detractors, judging from the sort of emails they sent me.

  • Julie M. Forster

    I would love to make an embroidery of this lovely pig. Do you have a higher-res picture I could use for a model?

  • http://RichGriese.NET Rich Griese

    Christ! look at the tits on that thing! hubba hubba.


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  • Lena

    I do believe this pig might be the prototype of Bosch’s “Earthly Delights'” Pig:
    And it does appear possibly chronologically-wise too ^_^

    • Marcel

      A tempting conclusion, but was (a copy of)  the manuscript available to Bosch?

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