Moving Day

I know this blog has had the stench of death about it for some time now, but today it awakens from its long slumber to pack up shop and move to WordPress.  For you, my loyal readers, this should be a mere cosmetic change* and normal service should soon resume without your lifting a finger.  Until I’ve got everything forwarding correctly, though, you should probably use the blog’s vanity address if you want to make sure you’ve got the most recent Got Medieval brand medieval stuff.**

*Moving a blog across platforms is just a simple cosmetic procedure, really, like what they did with that lady who got the first face transplant.  That went off without a hitch, right?  This’ll be just as smooth, I’m sure.

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  • Jeremy Peter Green

    Is WordPress really better than Blogger? Should I be moving to WordPress? What made you decide to do this? Glad Got Medieval isn’t dead.

    • Got Medieval

      Don’t know that it’s better for everyone, but so far so good. Basically, I was tired of finding a really cool template or widget and finding that it only really worked in WordPress.

    • Sue

      It does seem to have continued its long slumber on the new platform, though. I miss you!

  • yevgeny

    Dear Carl,

    When I saw an update to this blog on my RSS feed I jumped for joy. Please do keep those entries coming! I absolute adore this blog.


  • Maria

    I couldn’t find contact info, and I felt it my duty to share this cartoon with you because it contains a trebuchet.

  • Walwyn

    Congratulations on making the move. That blogger comment form was the pants, especially as I could never remember what my blogger login was.

  • Chuck

    I love your crazy posts so I was sad when the RSS feed when stale months ago without any note that it was moving. Glad I could finally get back on the marginal wagon.

  • Cecelia

    Yeah! Glad to see you back

  • http://RichGriese Rich Griese

    Speaking of the stink of death; “And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all” – Edgar Poe

    Good luck with your new WordPress world.


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