What to get the medieval enthusiast who has everything

What to get the medieval enthusiast who has everything? Why not a black dress that is everything? Behold, the Bellydance Gypsy Renaissance Pirate Medieval Peasant Witch Costume Dress Chemise Top:

(Click to zooooooom)

Or perhaps the question is, “Why cosplay as one historical thing, when you can be seven all at once?” Available at Amazon.

[UPDATE]* It gets better if you check the fine print:

The Renaissance was a lot like the Civil War, right?** The War Between the States surely featured a lot of women in off-the-shoulder dresses vamping it up, didn’t it?

  1. * Does it count as an update if I noticed it while writing the post and decided to add it before I published it?  I’m going to say yes. []
  2. ** What? There were civil wars during the Middle Ages, too? Carry on, then, my bad. []

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  • elmsley rose

    Hey, back off! I have a witchy-peasant-celtic skirt (i think that was it) from the same company and I’m very fond of it!

  • http://thefashionhistorian.blogspot.com/ Katy

    Actually evening dresses of the 1860s did show the shoulders, but obviously that’s where the similarity ends. This might just be my new favorite Bad Costume Listing, beating off the old champ, the “Victorian Titanic Pioneer Dress”.

  • Jess

    She’s not only from Everywhere, she’s from Everywhen too!

  • http://historyonkindle.blogspot.com/ History Chick

    What to get the medieval enthusiast who has everything? A pair of legs, perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    It’s a costume AND it’s an accessory! The mind boggles…

  • Anonymous

    What’s more medieval than poly blends and elastic?

    Nothing. Nothing at all.

  • Katja

    This would NOT pass muster as Civil War costume. Lingerie for a Civil War era disorderly house maybe, but Not Street Legal!

  • jordi francesch

    Often I approach your blog to search some information, laugh a little and ask me anything impossible. Your blog is cool. Ironic and accurate. The articles are fast, specific and somewhat medieval. I write from Barcelona, Catalonia. Just recently I started a blog. I do not speak in detail of history, but I intend to show maps where history happened. History maps, maps of science, humor, anything that can reflect on a map. I read that you learned something. If I learned anything, it does not matter. Thank you for allowing crosses your pages.

    jordi Francesch

  • Thanate

    Ah, yes, another fine historical garment in the style affectionately known as “Early American RenFaire.”

  • Bend_gules

    The shocker is that the seller wants $60 for it…

  • Chirhoiota

    Doesn’t this illustrate the problem with the computer age? Too much multi-tasking.

  • Ylaire

    $60? I don’t charge that for a linen apron dress.
    Hmmmm. Perhaps I would have an easier time selling ‘colonial fairy vampire angel Scottish wench squaredance 60’s Druid shirts’?

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