Morbid Monkey Marginalia

It’s been a while since I posted, and a while longer since I’ve posted marginalia, and a longer while longer since I’ve posted something from one of my favorite manuscripts, Morgan Library MS G 24. So, in honor of Halloween,* here’s a marginal monkey hanging himself:

Apologies for the lack of a larger version. The Morgan remains stingy with its high-def images.

Hey, don’t get mad at the monkey snuff art! The title of the post includes the word ‘Morbid’, so it’s not like I didn’t warn you. And look, it doesn’t seem to trouble the stork from whom the suicidal monkey is hanging, so why are you so upset? Though, I suppose one’s perspective on the vicissitudes of fortune and the value of life would be a bit skewed if one were but an oddly shaped protrusion growing from the end of a gryllus’s whiplike tongue. Different strokes for different conjoined mutant folks.

  1. * Or if you prefer, Halloween.†
    †If you look close, you’ll find that I’ve helpfully italicized the ‘ in Hallowe’en. []

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  • Sbpoag

    I don’t see it as ‘snuff art.’ I think the monkey may just be engaging in a little auto-erotic asphyxiation and his friend the stork is there to cut him loose in case things go too far. However, the weird purple plant head guy who has a tongue that is equipped with a towel rack from which the self pleasuring monkey is suspended kind of freaks me out

  • Catherine

    It is amazing how your blog changed my vision of medieval texts. I am specialize in the early canadian history and the funniest things I see in my sources is the oddly shaped notary’s abbreviation or the occasional flower-like doodles. But I do have some peculiar notaries and I more often than you may think come accross the “I’m so drunk that I forgot to tip my quill like 3 lines ago…” which is not so fun after you realized that you have to read those lines. Happy Halloween! 🙂 (Sorry for my english, I am a fan from Québec.)

  • Chirhoiota

    If you look closely, it seems that said Mutant Stork-o-Pod may be regurgitating a monkey-morsel to feed its young stationed beneath. ‘Fess up, Carl…was this lifted from that famous medieval treatise, ‘Ye Olde Storke Husbandrie’? I thought I recognized the handwriting…

  • Jerry Beuterbaugh

    “Got Medieval” has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  • Goopadoop

    You called the purple monster thing a “gryllus.” Do you mean it’s a cricket? Because I am not seeing the resemblance…

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