Ave et vale, Hitch; it served.

Memento MoriChristopher Hitchens is no more.

I know my blog did not break the news of Christopher Hitchens’s death to you, its current reader, but I like the look of the sentence alone atop the post. His fitful yet sincere struggle for public atheism frankly demands we now be sparse and let go the usual sentiment that attends the deaths of those who lived public lives.

Christopher Hitchens was, and now he is no more. All that remains are remains, his two bodies: one a hunk of meat, much abused, first by him and later by disease–soon ash; the other, his work, equal parts lively and learned, clever and cutting, and–it must be remembered, even now that he molders–boorish and bone-headed.

I don’t mourn him, exactly. How could I? I never knew the man, only the work. His writing made me burn with rage at the way he deftly wielded complicated names and academic esoterica to preempt rebuttal, envy at his famously speedy turnaround, and, more often than I’d like to admit, the grudging but sincere flush that comes at seeing another’s words fall into place divulging no hint of the effort that got them there. His words will retain most of their punch and verve for the rest of my body’s time on this rock–fading, certainly, as tastes change, as the language drifts, as his references follow him into obscurity, and as other, lesser writers wear the edge off the techniques he honed so fine. But for you and I, whoever may be reading this now, we were close enough to the source that the slip will be almost imperceptible, hardly felt. If anything, that small loss to come is all I mourn.

In the early days of my blog, I cobbled together a demonstration of how Hitchens wielded the word ‘medieval’. Reposting the link now is hardly tribute, but at the least it can serve to show that I do deserve this disquiet I feel today. Hitchens has been in my head for some time, and I’ll carry him forward there with me until I, too, am no more.

When Gary Gygax died, I began with this, my favorite medieval statement on our time here together, and I will close with it now, for Hitchens:

Memento, homo, quod cinis es; et in cinerem reverteris.

Remember, man, that you are but cold ash; and that to cold ash, you return.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=697126564 Paul Halsall

    His supporters are lionising him today in absurd terms.

    He was never a journalist in the reporting sense. He was a a professional pundit who got published for bomb-throwing pseudo-intellectual bravado.

    Think Gingrich.

    • Lmaris Lmaris

      If Gingrich was intelligent, honest, and articulate.  Those who accuse him of “pseudo-intellectual bravado” never read his works, or checked his facts.  Those of us who did, learned quickly the man was a true intellectual with honest courage. 

  • JRC

    Is the image above a reliquary?

    • http://www.gotmedieval.com Got Medieval

      It’s the ivory fob that a rich person might attach to the end of a rosary.  Here’s the current provenance: 

      South Netherlandish (ca. 1500-25). Memento Mori from a String of Prayer Beads (recto left, verso right). Ivory. H. 6.6 cm (2.6 in.). Art Gallery of Toronto.

      • Revgrant

        Can you get CafePress to make duplicates?

        • http://www.gotmedieval.com Got Medieval

          If only!

      • JRC

        Ah. Thank you.

  • Stephan Poag

    I’ll never be half as smart as Hitchens, drunk or sober, so I’ll count on others to put words to what I’ve been thinking about Hitchens:
    I’m not glad he’s dead, but the guy could be such a bastard at times.  He seems to have become convinced that if he could argue a position convincingly, it MUST be true.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LE3PF2JRILBCNWQHU2AGYFEEPA Traveler

    “Boorish and bone-headed”? Perhaps so, and you can of course leave it at that if you wish, but I have to wonder what words of CH’s you refer to. 

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