Farewell, CafePress

I’ve decided to close down my shop over at CafePress. I never made much money there even at the height of the store’s popularity, only a couple of bucks a month, so it’s no huge loss. Apparently, I overestimated the public’s need for medieval monkey paraphernalia.

But fear not, those of you who still desire a coaster or a tee-shirt emblazoned with a medieval monkey (or the occasional non-monkey image).* I’m going to post a gallery below of all the images I ever designed** for the store, so if you still want to use one of my files, go wild. They’re high-quality scans, many large enough to be used not just on on tee-shirts and coasters, but also on clocks, magnets, thongs, baby bibs, water bottles, and whatever other weird product CafePress is letting people put images on this week.

Also, because these files are rather large, you’ll have to be patient if you’re just clicking and browsing.


  1. * But who never ponied up for one at my outrageous 1 dollar markup. []
  2. ** Design usually meant ‘cropped out of manuscript images from libraries’, but I did have to do some color correcting and fixing of blemishes on occasion. []

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  • elmsley rose

    This is where I say ‘rats, always meant to get one’.

    • http://www.gotmedieval.com Carl Pyrdum

      And you still can!  Just download the image you want to use (click to expand, then right click the expanded image), then upload it to CafePress (or whatever merch-generator you’d prefer), and voila. And now, without my markup, it’ll be a buck cheaper.

      • http://tenthmedieval.wordpress.com/ Jonathan Jarrett

        Thanks, Carl, I should have found this post before leaving the comment on the other Café-Press post.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=695360503 Elizabeth Spurr Lyons

    FWIW, I thank you very much for these.  A couple of years ago, we ordered coasters all around for our SCA friends.  They were a big hit and are still in constant use!

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