Why I like Twitter

There you are in the kitchen* comparing pedagogical approaches to an obscure Middle English romance with a colleague, and TV’s LeVar Burton wanders in from the guest bedroom** looking for some OJ:

Obligatory link to the Twitter feed for the blog here.***

  1. * Of the Internet. Yes, the Internet has a kitchen. []
  2. ** And guest bedrooms. Lots of bedrooms, actually. Half the Internet is made up of bedrooms. []
  3. *** Less obligatory link to my personal Twitter feed here, added for completeness’ sake. []

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  • Maria

    This means you stalk LeVar Burton, doesn’t it?

  • https://profiles.google.com/104791269167429064986/about?hl=en Judy S

    I think you need more topic indications. The only person I follow on Twitter is my son, and often the hashmarked phrase is a key to knowing what he’s talking about. Or to clarifying for me that I don’t know….

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