The Wonderfully Weird World of Marcel Ruijters (Sunday Showcase #1)

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to track down pictures of nuns riding flying fish, or fighting off hordes of misshapen pygmies, or falling prey to the fiendish war machines of the ape king. And if you want medieval-inspired versions of the same, forget about it!

That’s what I used to think, anyway, until I stumbled across the works of Marcel Ruijters, an artist from Rotterdam who’s taken the sorts of weird medieval art I feature here regularly in Mmm… Marginalia and doubled down on the weird, with some pretty cool results.

For example, aforementioned warrior nuns, fighting aforementioned weird hybrid men:

And the same nuns taking down a bear (who must’ve made the mistake of coming for their honey):

And being judged and found wanting in a monkey court:

And playing chess:

And being absent from the front cover of Dante’s Inferno:

Good stuff all around. All but the last can be found in 1348,* a book Marcel did with Le Dernier Cri, which he describes as “a hyperactive underground publisher from France.” His newest work can be found on Facebook, and also on the blog Eaten By Ducks. He’s currently working on an as of yet untitled project inspired by the works of Jheronimus Bosch.**

If you want to buy some of his stuff*** and you read Dutch, here’s a webstore that sells it. I think Le Dernier Cri also sells stuff, but good luck navigating that site.****

  1. * I couldn’t brave their website for long, as my dog started howling at the noise. I would’ve had a better link to where you could buy his stuff if I could. []
  2. ** Or, if you prefer, Hieronymus Bosch. []
  3. *** Or, say, gift some of it to your favorite medieval blogger. []
  4. **** These artists with their clever ways of making it impossible to buy things from them… []

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  • Tom V

    Looks like they don’t take anything except EU bank drafts.  There’s something about arranging things with other banks, but my Dutch and financial knowledge is insufficient to decipher it.
    And I have no idea what international postage would be.

  • Judy S

    I note that Dante looks like a skinny nun. And Farinata (?) looks like a plump (i.e. pregnant) one–an Eve. Very intriguing.

  • Judy S

    At Dernier Cri you can apparently pay with paypal. But 1348 is the only monograph (?) of his that is not sold out, and another work, Sine Qua Non (definitely nuns) is priced at $199 on ebay and comparable used on So–highly collectible, Latin title and no text to translate, hmm.

  • Ana

    Gah! That site!

    In case this is my first comment here – this is the best blog ever 😀 !
    I enjoy your brand of humour and your play with cultural references and  new/old form (footnotes and the like).

  • Cosmodromium

    I am not the seller but this is of interest: Tarot Corrupt Corrumpe Cards Deck Le Dernier Cri Marcel Ruijters Limited Ed 250 Corrupt (Tarot Corrumpe) by Le Dernier Cri Marcel Ruijters
    A truly ‘fantastic’ modern Trumps only tarot by Dutch cartoon artist Marcel Ruijters.
    Limited edition of 250 decks, silkscreened and published by Le Dernier Cri, Marseille, France 2007. (aka Tarot Corrupt)
    The 24 cards measure a generous 190mm x 120mm, and follow the sequence of the Tarot of the Restored Order, with the two extra cards being; Truth and Intuition.
    22 Cards.
    Cards are MINT/UNUSED.
    There are no instructions with these. Wonderful collector’s item with amazing artwork and stunning colors.
    Card Size: 7 1/2″x 4 2/3″ inches.

    • Got Medieval

      You all should definitely take up a collection and get this into my hands.

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