Got Medieval* is a blog. You may have heard of them. The blog was originally conceived as a place to gripe about how the mainstream media does not understand the Middle Ages, but it has drifted evolved to include discussions of medieval marginalia, Angelina Jolie, and <strike>-tag jokes. The posts are often punctuated with superfluous Pratchettesque footnotes.**

Got Medieval is written by Carl S. Pyrdum, III, a graduate student in Medieval Studies at Yale University, who is currently living in Atlanta, GA, while he finishes his dissertation and looks for a proper academic job. Carl has a Bacon Number of 4, easily the lowest Bacon number of any proper academic medievalist.***

*Note the lack of a question mark after the blog’s title. It is not a play on the American milk commercials, but rather refers to the fact that the blog’s bloggist does not need to get medieval on anyone, as he has already got sufficient quantities of medieval, which he is happy to share.
**But you knew that already.
***Carl was once in a home movie, “Christmas, 1998” with his father, Carl S. Pyrdum, Jr., who was “Security” in Invasion U.S.A., starring Chuck Norris, who was in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story with Julie Gonzalo, who was in Saving Angelo with Kevin Bacon.

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