Plans for the future

So, what am I actually going to do with this blog? Here are a few topics I hope to rant about soon.

King Arthur, the movie — probably the reason I decided to make this little blog. “For centuries most historians believed that King Arthur was only a legend…”Really? And they’re going to set all these historians straight, are they? Thank goodness for Jerry Bruckheimer.

The Tragedy of Al’Andalus — Why does the mainstream press mostly ignore Osama when he starts talking about the Middle Ages? Between now and July 10th, you can count on scores of hours devoted to Mr. Bruckheimer’s “real” King Arthur on cable. Wouldn’t a few hours discussing the motivations of the crazy guy who’s trying to kill Americans be worth the time?

Medieval, the adjective — We probably have Quentin Tarantino to thank for it, but these days it seems you can’t condemn something without calling it medieval. Take this story on Castro’s mistreatment of librarians. Just what is a “medieval cage”? Does it have extra spikey-bits? Or crosses nailed all over it?

The Renaissance Fair — Just a pet peeve, but why is it called the Renaissance Fair, when it features a lot of jousting and such?

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