Not Medieval: Meta-Meta-Blogging

It’s weird enough when a colleague mentions that they found my blog, but this is somehow infinitely weirder. Said link is to a site called “Blogshares,” a fantasy stock market that uses blogs instead of companies.

As of this writing, Got Medieval is trading at $50 a share. This sounds impressive to me, but I’m sure it’s actually quite pathetic. My blog’s also 80% owned by two traders, neither of whom is me. I worry that this means they can force me out and install a new blogger if I don’t meet their goals for blog profitability–or if I don’t ever write that review of last year’s King Arthur movie.

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  • Trickworm

    Interesting. I always knew you would be rich and famous. Now all you have to do is parlay those two shares into 2-3 million at the current price and you will have attained literary independence.

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