A ROMP For those preoccupied with Foleygate

Doing random thesisy things, I came upon this proverb, worthy to be drawn into your memory, and worthy to be a Random Occasional Medieval Proverb** for this site:

Atwen mab ae lla6ch: nyt atwen ae kar.*

A boy knows who fondles him: he knows not who loves him.

Referenced in one of those odd fragmentary Welsh Arthurian poems, “A Conversation between Gwenevere and Melwas.”

*My medieval Welsh is only moderately better than my medieval Klingon, so print this on a humorous tee-shirt at your own risk.

**Remember a year back when I said I’d make ROMP’s a recurring feature? What do you know–finally, a recurrence.

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  • Catanea

    This is [pretty] wonderful! I was having a difficulty posting and gave up (seemingly repaired now) but at the very first ROMP I tried to request the institution of a norm of showing the ROMP in the original language and orthography, and here it (possibly) is! Now if you could just cite the earliest known written occurence AND post an image of the folio…life would be perfect.

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