A tonic for the slipshod updating of this blog

As the thesis waters rise all around me, I’d like to head off any complaints about how rarely this thing gets updated. You can tune your RSS reader to http://gotmedieval.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default. Don’t know what an RSS feed is for? I use Google Reader. They’ll explain it there. And for those of you who already RSS this blog, here’s a new ROMP (Random Occasional Medieval Proverb), so that you don’t feel cheated:

First the Latin version: Angelicus iuvenis senibus satanizat in annis.
And the Middle-Scots-English: Of yung sanctis growis auld feyndis but faill.

Or, as it was usually put: Young saint, old devil.

I suppose the rough modern equivalent is Billy Joel’s “Only the good die young,” but the medieval version has a certain pleasing edge to it that the modern lacks, doesn’t it?

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