Mission Accomplished, Blog Closes

When even Newsweek avoids calling something medieval, what hope is there for the know-it-all snark?

War Has Made Baghdad Pre-Industrial

City in a Time Warp

War is pushing Badhdad out of the 21st century and back to a bygone age of ferrymen, midwives, donkey drivers, and shepherds

Though to be fair, from reading the article, I think that–headlines aside–the point they want to make is that Baghdad is now so primitive as to be pre-medieval, possibly even pre-classical. But with so many medievalists and classicists with blogs these days, the MSM is running scared.

I would lose my pedantry permit if I didn’t point out, however, that one of the reasons that Newsweek thinks that things have gotten so bad in Baghdad is that people have been forced to rediscover the ancient skill of well digging. My mom, dad, in-laws, great aunt, and various aunts and uncles all are on well water. Does this mean that much of Georgia and North Carolina is perilously close to falling back into the late seventeen hundreds?

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