Two Quick Jokes

No new original content, folks–that scary thing that begins with a t and ends with a hesis* is keeping me busy. But here are two humor links of a vaguely medieval nature.

#1 is a captioned photo that explains the medieval origins of blogging. (via adrift)
#2 comes from a British an Austrian an Australian show I’ve never heard of called, I think, The Chaser, titled, “What Have We Learned From History?” and features the Trojan horse. I know you probably think that the Trojans are classical, not medieval. Tell that to Geoffrey of Monmouth. Youtube embed follows:

*Or possibly, ends with my nervous breakdown. We’ll see.

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  • highlyeccentric

    The Chaser are an Aussie show, and that there is my Sydney Uni that they’re delivering the horse to. (isn’t the opera house a giveaway, though?)

  • Matthew Gabriele

    My lord, that’s good stuff.

  • boinky

    Yup. the Chaser boys…during the APEC summit last week they got a motorcade with one dressed as “Osama” and almost crashed the meeting…didn’t get stopped until the third security check.

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