More Digital Medievalism

Frequent visitors to my blog* have probably noticed that I’ve been sprucing the place up lately. While I’ve not yet escaped the clichéd Scribe template, I’ve gone to a three-columned layout and added “Peekaboo” posting technology to the main page. So when you visit the blog, you’ll see a short version of the post, followed by a “Read More,” like, oh, well, like this one here:**

Definitely worth peeking and/or booing, don’t you think?

I’m still on the lookout for a non-Scribe but still medievalish template, so expect further changes in the weeks to come.

*Of whom there are many fewer now that Breastowulf is off the front page. Shame on you, and shame on me for trying to take the high road here.
**People using feed readers will probably not see the “Read More.” I don’t disparage my feedees, though. Continue to read unfettered by the need to click to expand the post. If you’re not a feedee, take note of the new subscribe button on the right. You, too, can be fed by me. Like a mother bird, I will regurgitate into your waiting beaks. Except instead of worms, it’ll be… uh… news stories or something.

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  • Shelly

    I think this is just the template you’re looking for. It even says it’s for fans of “the Medieval Times,” so it must be true, right?

  • Catanea

    Oh, WONDERFUL! Shelly: I’m sure you noticed it’s actually a photo of PAPER, not vellum/parchment/skin AT ALL. Well spotted. Know you are appreciated.

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