A Medieval Unicorn Chaser Chaser (Mmm… Marginalia #7)

In penance for my distasteful Google Penance, please see the attached unicorn chaser for my medieval unicorn chaser, a marginal illustration from a 14th-century Flemish Psalter (MS Douce 5) of a monkey riding a unicorn:

Ride on, my monkey friend, ride on to freedom. If you see a virgin, you know what you have to do.

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  • Star Breaker

    Is that… is that monkey wearing a diaper?

  • Got Medieval

    Those are part of the saddle, I believe, a sort of rear saddle horn. In manuscripts that piece, whatever it’s called, is usually decorated with a knight’s coat of arms. I’m sure there are dozens of SCAers who know better than I what the part is actually called, though.

  • henchminion

    The saddle part thingy is called a cantle.

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