Monkey Merch (Mmm… Marginalia #9)

Is everyone tired of all the monkeys I pull out of the margins and post on my blog? And is it fair to stereotype the Middle Ages with all this binge drinking? Well… how about both at the same time?

Pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

You may have noticed that a link has appeared recently in the upper right hand corner of the blog. If you click on through to Got Medieval’s Ye Olde Cafe Presse Shoppe, you can buy a magnet featuring these very drunken monkeys, for a limited time only.* I got mine in the mail Saturday, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

*It costs money to have a Cafe Press shop with more than item of any given type available, so I plan to offer just one marginalia magnet at a time, rotating them periodically–at least, until I’ve bought all the ones I’d like to have, or the DMCA police come and try to enforce the intellectual property rights of thirteenth-century illuminators, whichever comes first. Or, I suppose, if I sell enough to justify paying the monthly shop fee, I’ll do that.

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  • Fencing Bear

    You find such cool things to do on the web. Thanks for the tip on Cafepress!

  • theswain

    Sorry, my wife found it a while ago and we love it, give gifts to people purchased from there…..

    Frankly, I’d prefer a t-shirt with those monkeys on it…..think we can get them to do one for us?

  • theswain

    As an added comment…uh, Fencing Bear….how is it only Chicagoans are the only ones leaving comments here?

  • Chris

    I mean, I’m sure it’s against the rules to set up a bunch of little shops? So a few different items could be purchased at once, and the shipping might end up more reasonable… For those of us who aren’t in the States, that is. I mean, I’m sure it’s against the rules and all.

  • Got Medieval

    I’m huge in Chicago, yo. Also, I’ve added some tees featuring the drunken monkey, too.

  • Jonathan Jarrett

    The shop is now defunct, alas? I should have moved faster.

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