Matt Groening, your lawyer is on line two (Mmm… Marginalia #16)

From Bodleian Library MS Bodl. 693, a fifteenth-century gradual (think “medieval songbook”):

Oh, sweet merciful crap! 

Did Matt Groening, of the Simpsons, Life in Hell, and Futurama, steal his trademarked overbitten cartooning style from an anonymous fifteenth-century English scribe?  The evidence speaks for itself.  It’s just hard to understand, the evidence, what with that enormous tongue it has.  Nonetheless, it definitely bears a strong resemblance the hooded members of the No Homers Club, or post-apocalyptic mutant Moe from one of the Treehouses of Horror.

I should admit, though–for any codicological CBG‘s out there– that technically the hooded gentleman above is not properly called “marginalia,” as the sloping brow, beaked nose, and long tongue form the three arms of the capital E of Exultabunt, making our four-toothed friend more properly a decorative initial instead.  But it’s my recurring feature, and I can do what I want.

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  • Deirdre


    There’s a word I’ve never seen put to use.

  • Livia Indica

    Wow, it’s freaky how much this guy looks like the Simpsons and Futurama characters.

  • Icaro

    yes, I can see how it relates to Maggie or Lisa … come on, this drawn guy it’s a needle on the haystack image, what makes you believe it influenced Groening’s style?

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