Occupational Hazards of the Medieval Stripper (Mmm… Marginalia #26)

This week’s marginal image comes from Bodleian Library MS Douce 62, a late fourteenth century Italian book of hours:

As you can see, it’s a naked lady* talking to a monkish grotesque.  I rather doubt there’s anything theologically significant about it, but I imagine their conversation goes a little something like this:

MONK: …and then then they made me their chief.
NAKED LADY: Yes, yes, a very witty story, and I’m certainly glad I heard it from the beginning rather than being teased with just the ending, but I can’t help asking if that is a second head growing out of your… well, out of your whatever is going on down there.
MONK: It might be, or I might just be glad to see you.
NAKED LADY: Ah.  Yes.  I see.  Is that a monk growing out of your crotch, or are you just glad to see me? Is that it?
MONK: Don’t be silly.  He’s never taken holy orders.  

An odd way to close out Mmm… Marginalia for 2008, I’ll admit, but all the medieval-porn-seeking Googlers will be happy.  I may have finally delivered.

*And though the illuminator made a general mess of her head, he was fairly attentive to the anatomical detail elsewhere on the naked lady, as you can see if you click to expand the image.

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  • Anne Gilbert

    Well, the top part of him looks like a monk. Maybe the author put that bottom part so it could be an “antimonk”. Who, of course, turns his thoughts to the naked lady. . . .

  • autumngrrl

    Ahhhh. A Fast Show watcher 🙂

  • Bearded Lady

    funny! The sad part is that I was so focused on the naked lady that I didn’t even see the extra head until you pointed it out. Do you know what is at her waste?

  • Got Medieval

    My best guess is an enticingly sheer scarf, but it’s kind of faded there, no doubt from generations of book of hours devotees’ piqued attention.

  • Anne Gilbert

    Gee. I didn’t notice the garment at all. I did kind of notice her um, lower part was sort of covered up by something, though. I thought it was her hand, artfully placed.

  • Amanda

    Actually it looks like she’s trying to get off … maybe the “monk” caught her in the act 😉

  • Anne Gilbert

    Maybe the monk was part of the act?
    Anne G

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