A Little Backfill

I know updates to the old blog have been fairly scarce of late. Once again, I have entered into one of those spells where I am so busy with non-blog stuff that my blog posts are abandoned and consigned to the Drafts folder about halfway through, right after I realize that I’ve been spending half an hour doing something other than the oppressive crap that I have to get done.*

So today I decided to just bite the bullet and push those posts out the door. Half-assed posts are better than no posts, right? Right? But I’ve left the posts with their original dates, to honor my best intentions and to frustrate those blog Puritans who demand strict honesty in blog chronology. Frequent readers know that I pull this crap all the time, so this note is really for the Got Medieval newbies. If you’re offended, just pretend this is all one big April Flogs Day joke.

However, looking back on my quickly finished posts, I realize that it may seem like I’m complaining about all the people who email me medieval news to post about.** Let me assure you, that’s just the offblog stress talking. Please keep using the old contact form up in the upper right of the blog to send me things I ought to blog about. Clearly, I can’t promise to do it in any sort of timely fashion, but I do appreciate the mail.

*Full disclosure: my recent purchase of an X-Box 360 might also have contributed a little bit. But on the upside, you can all look forward to a review of the Beowulf game sometime soon.
**And, in part, my sudden spate of productivity was spurred on by realizing that visits from people just checking the page real quick to see if I’d written a post on the thing that they’d emailed me about had become about a third of my blog traffic, threatening to overtake Google searches for “medieval pr0n” as my top incoming traffic source.

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