Happy Labor Day! (Mmm… Marginalia #51)

If you’re lucky enough to live in the US of A, then you’ve probably got the whole day off from your job* in order to celebrate how awesome it is to have a job.** So use today to celebrate your own peculiar passions. Just be you. Like this guy, from the 15th century BL MS Harley 4380, another chunk of Froissart’s Chronicles:***

Ride on, creepy naked knight on a hobby horse. Ride on for labor!

*Providing you have a job, of course.
**Fun fact. Labor Day was first created in 1921, during a brief ‘Ironic Legislation’ movement in American politics.
***For those keeping score at home, apparently the guy who owned this edition of Froissart really loved jousting jokes.

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  • Andrew

    Ahem, I would note that we also have the day off in Canada, except that we've had Labour Day since 1894, and can even spell its name correctly …

  • pilgrimchick

    Yes, we did have the day off today. Few of us, though, contemplated the naked night on the stick-horse though. More of us should have.

  • Ceirseach

    Or is he a naked bear?

    We have one in Australia too (Labour Day, not a naked bear), but it's on… er… another date.

  • Eidtalheg

    If this blog has taught me anything of Medieval manuscript illumination themes, that's most likely a naked monkey.

  • A Castle of Romance

    Or you could be a student in the Uk… where every day is a holiday :D!

  • LadyMacbeth86

    @ a castle of romance: really? cuzI've been studying in the UK long enough and had very little holidays!

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