Fox-Vomit (v) (Mmm… Marginalia #60)

From the 14th-Century Urban Dictionary* by way of the Luttrel Psalter:

Vomit Foxes 21 up, 118 down

To be so surprised/disgusted/annoyed that you spontaneously begin expelling members of the family vulpis from your mouth.

“Oh my, what is that monkey doing with that trumpet? How dreadful. Pardon me, good sir, I must retire to my hereditary family estate and vomit foxes.”

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Or maybe you’ve got a better explanation for this, smart guy:

*Inspired by the recent quite awesome article at Something Awful.

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  • Sheryl

    Fabulous "related entries"!

  • camB

    Could it be a possession ? Less fun than vomiting Goupils, sure, but higly more spectacular !

    (I'm thinking about the japanese traditions about foxes.. nothing to do with european Middle Ages, thought. Lycanthropy would be my second guess… ?)

  • Got Medieval

    Tis true, souls usually exit through the mouth in medieval iconography, so it might be a fox spirit exorcism.

    And, actually, looking at other pages in the MS, that might actually be a sort of fox-headed dragon instead of a straight dragon. (Look close and you can see wings.) But I'm not changing this post to 'spewing drakes' or 'retching wyrms'.

  • Isaac

    My explanation is that you've been obsessing about this week's "Doodle Penance."

    And so has the woman in the psalter. Maybe she was even drinking from the zorro karton.

  • p

    Just looking at this randomly at work (and avoiding it), but could it be implying that whoever the little person in blue is, they have a foxy/ cunning way of speaking? A visual variation on the silver tongued devil?

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