Technical Difficulties — Please Stand By

Update [2/5/10]: It’s all good. The bodley server is behaving again and the saints are now safely returned.

A couple of people have already contacted me worried over the lack of the usual crudely drawn manuscript image from (Bodleian MS Rawl. D. 939) in this month’s feast calendar. I’d like to reassure you that everything’s going to be all right, but, alas, the Bodleian’s servers don’t seem to be cooperating, so I can’t grab the image just yet.*

But to tide you over, enjoy February from an Early Modern (ca. 1630ish) Norwegian folding calendar instead:

If the Bodleian keeps being difficult, I guess I’ll switch over to this one, which does have the benefit of fewer saints, even if it’s a little out of period. And such cute little drawings!

*If I were on top of things, I’d have downloaded all the calendar scans for the remaining months some time ago. But, alas, I usually fly by the seat of my pants on this recurring feature.

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  • The Smiler

    I really enjoy this web log. As a budding Medievalist myself your updates are insightful, well thought out, and entertaining. I hope you don't mind that I connected your link into my own tepid/infantile Medievalist blogroll.

    ~ Cheers, Will

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