Vote for Got Medieval’s New Mascot!

Unbeknownst to all of you, when I abandoned the Scribe template and switched Got Medieval to its current look, I stuck the picture of the monkey with a cannon in the blog header as a placeholder, intending to replace him with something better once I got the rest of the template code working.  And just as with about 80% of the things I plan for my blog, I never got around to following through on that.* In fact, I forgot about that plan completely until a few weeks ago, when I had to pick an image for my blog’s Facebook page.  Naturally, I went with the same placeholder, which I intend to change any day now.**

Anyway, now that I’ve got a Facebook page, I feel it’s time to make an honest woman of my blog and name an actual official mascot. That’s where you, my readers, come in. I’ve decided to let you have a voice in the process–a voice that, let me be clear, I’ll probably ignore if I don’t like what it tells me, but a voice nonetheless.  There’s a poll right down there.  Please vote your conscience.

Though, it occurs to me that since my blog’s gotten a lot more readers since the redesign, most of you reading this simply cannot imagine a world without cannon-toting monkeys in it. So perhaps a little blog history is in order.  Once upon a time, you see, there was a man who laid eggs up in the header. But he was a transparent gif, and that was so 1997, so he had to go. Before that, there was the anthropomorphic vulva dressed as a pilgrim, or “Jaunty” as I call her (on account of the jaunty angle at which she wears her hat), who never got a picture, but who was the blog’s spiritual mascot for most of W’s second term.  And after all that, the monkey.  Everybody with me now?

Good.  Now that you understand the full significance of the matter, I need you to decide between Got Medieval’s three heretofore unofficial mascots.  Elevate one to greatness and cast the others aside with two clicks of your mighty mouse!

Vote for Got Medieval’s Official Mascot
“Jaunty” the Anthropomorphic Vulva
“Unnamed” the Monkey with a Cannon
“Egg-Laying Dude” the Guy who Sits in a Nest and Lays Eggs
Please, For the Love of God, Think up Something Else free polls

Perhaps once the results are in, it’ll be time for new tee-shirts at the old CafePress store. Who knows?  Stranger things have happened.***

*Or, for that matter, to getting the rest of the template code working.
**Based on past performance, in two years or so.
***For instance, someone once bought from my CafePress store two pairs of thong panties with a picture of medieval lechers burning in Hell on the front of them, a design I threw up one night as a joke and which was probably in the store all of a ten hours.****
****Wait–why am I wasting time blogging, when my true calling is apparently underwear-designing fashionista?  Gotta go!

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  • Vellum

    In the "other ideas" category, how about the piano cat of the marginalia world: the organ monkey you grabbed from Bodleian MS Douce 266:

    To steal a phrase: Sing to me, my monkey of music!

  • Scuffed Shoes

    I rather like that organ-playing monkey. But whichever way you go, make sure the creature in the image faces into the center of the page rather than out the side. You can just flip it horizontally if necessary.

  • Leanne

    Does Jaunty look like she's playing roller hockey to anyone else?

  • Judy

    I am concerned about legibility. I have been reading the blog for a while now and I never noticed that was a monkey with a cannon. And on Facebook I wondered "What is that smear of green and brown he is using?" and did not connect it with the blog design. It does have the advantage of not looking like anybody else's photo or logo.

    So I would say dude laying egg from among these three, because its "message" is easily deciphered, provided the Facebook crop leaves it legible.
    And, as if knowing what I meant to say, my word to type as verification is ovula!!!!! It's fate!!!!

  • Sheryl

    Considering how many "Mmm… Marginalia" posts feature monkeys doing odd things, the cannon monkey strikes me as most appropriate.

    I agree that the image should face into the blog rather than into the margin.

  • Harry Campbell

    I love all of them but the eggman is surely by far the most effective in the role visually speaking.

  • Whyte Fairy

    I'm all for the bagpipe playing behind that you re-sized so that it would fit nicely on an i-phone.

  • Derek

    I like the cannon monkey.

    Unfortunately, Got Medieval isn't even on the first page of hits on a search for "cannon monkey," presumably because Google's aggregator doesn't know that his picture is on every page.

    What's worse, the top hits clearly depict monkey cannons, not cannon monkeys.

    Finally, there should be some sort of pun based on 'Canon Monkey' – perhaps like 'code monkey' but for canon law.

  • Elizabeth

    Jaunty's wearing clogs, of course, how else to keep yourself out of the mud? I love Jaunty — just out for a walk with her hat, staff, and clogs. Oh yeah, and a noose. Jaunty's got an attitude. But the one which is actually winning was my second choice.

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