Adjust your RSS Readers, please

One small thing.  If you’re subscribed to this blog’s feed through an RSS Reader, you might have to update your feed address.  If you’re subscribed through Feedburner, however, all should be well and things should transfer automatically.  But in case they don’t, use

If you saw a post in your reader this morning titled “Welcome to Hell, Sinners”, then everything has transferred automatically.  Stop your fretting.  But if you didn’t, and if the above link is so much nonsense to you, there’s a big ‘RSS Subscribe’ button at the top of the new blog.  Go to and click away.

One more thing.   As always, Chrome seems to not want me to quit it or its Google overlords, so if you’re using Chrome, you might want to visit the site the first time in Firefox.  Don’t ask me why.

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