Your Kindle’s Medieval Manuscript Makeover Awaits

If you’ll recall, when I got my spiffy Kindle 3 some months ago I promised a custom set of screen saver images to replace the device’s defaults with medieval manuscript pages. Well, at long last, here they are.

You can download a zipped rar file of the images here.

There’s 34 screen saver images in all. Some things I put in just because they’re famous–like the first page of the Beowulf MS– some others because they’re beautiful, and some because they’re both. Let me know what you think–unless what you think is “I hate this particular image,” because you’re under no obligation to use them all, you know.

Installation isn’t as easy as I’d like. You’ll have to jailbreak your Kindle 3, and rather than risking getting it wrong, let me direct you to the best set of directions I could find.

And for my readers without Kindles or too squeamish to hack into theirs, which I figure between the two categories is just about everybody, you can always amuse yourself by trying to identify as many of the slides as you can, or by suggesting extra slides for version 2.0.

A complete gallery of the screen savers after the jump:

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  • Jon H

    These are great! Thanks! I didn’t see any monkeys.

    They’re a little gray, however, at least on my kindle. I’ve been tweaking them in to raise contrast and make the background lighter. When I’m done I’ll upload them somewhere and send you a pointer.

  • Got Medieval

    Watch the bottom left corner. Eventually, monkeys will appear.

  • Pilgrimchick

    Cool idea–I’m sorry I don’t own a Kindle.

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  • th

    Any chance of getting these images in full color? I don’t have a Kindle, but Windows 7 can rotate through desktop images, and I’d like to have these in my gallery.

    • Got Medieval

      If I had been smarter and saved the color files, it’d be easy. But I made the black and white files without saving color copies, so it’d be a bit of work to reconstruct.

  • Karl Steel

    I am watching the bottom left corner. I see no monkeys as yet.

    I DID however load my Kindle with these images: THANKS. I love it.

    • Got Medieval

      Two slides have monkeys. Using the gallery above: six rows down on the left and seven rows down in the middle.

  • History Chick

    Very cool, thanks! I’ve posted a link to this from my blog

  • Dr. Virago

    Cool!!! But alas, I am one of those people too squeamish to jailbreak my Kindle.

  • historydoll

    I don’t have a Kindle, but I’m enjoying looking at these anyway. I can identify some but not all. Since I’m finishing a dissertation on fashion in the Middle Ages, I’m particularly interested in the one three rows down on the right, which has a text in what I think is medieval German. Can you identify it for me?

    Thanks–and I really enjoy your blog!

  • Robert Forbes

    Well, you have at least one reader with a kindle who doesn’t mind hacking it, so thanks for these!

  •Илья-Рачинский/100001939216775 Илья Рачинский

    please help. I see a white screen. ((( Kindle dont show picture of screensaver folder(

    •Илья-Рачинский/100001939216775 Илья Рачинский

      Sorry, succesfull. ‘Restart’ has helped

  • Sharibet

    Thank you for this! I hacked my Kindle and loaded my photos of medieval European and Moorish architecture, but I missed having the medieval manuscript page pop up. I’m looking forward to seeing these in rotation as my screensavers! 

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