In Soviet Russia, Horn Blows You (Mmm… Marginalia #92)

A little Monday morning wisdom from the margins of British Library MS Royal 14 E III:

And I mean blown in a totally nonsexual way, even though, yes, that is his junk you see there by the rooster's beak.

Some days, you blow the horn.

Some days, you get blown.*

Oh, and since this image comes courtesy of the British Library, it seems like a good idea to mention that the Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts Department now has their own blog.**

  1. * By a rooster.  And you’re naked.  And did I mention there’s a rabbit in your horn?  †
    † The longer I type, the less proverby it becomes.  Best to quit while I’m way behind. []
  2. ** Unless, for some reason, you think they wouldn’t want to be associated with a a blog that regularly intermittently posts images of medieval dangly bits. ††
    ††And if you do think that, I might remind you that they are the ones who digitized said danglies. I just re-post them and snigger. []

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  • Dawson in Sunny South Dakota

    Appeals to my inner 10 year old boy :))

  • Peggasus

    That guy might have given Man What Lays Eggs a good challenge for the honor of mascot.

  • JRC

    See, these scribes were young and bored and sniggery themselves. If they could have drawn AK-47s, they would have.

  • Andrew

    A Yakov Smirnoff? Awesome!

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  • Laura J

    And where do you think that squirrel is going to put his nuts?

  • Angus

    What the…why does the rooster have a human foot? What is that rounded object on the man’s back? And, uh, the rest of it. The rest of it is pretty weird too. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that half the scribes in the middle ages suffered from ergot poisoning 🙂

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