Stiff Competition

The schedule for this year’s Grand Medieval Hootenanny is out.  I get the feeling my talk will, once more, be poorly attended.

“Of Weasels, Werewolves, and Women”?  There’s no competing with that.

Also, please, conference organizers, I beg you. Stop using the phrase “Twenty-First Century Medievalisms”.  We’re only ten years into the century.  It just seems a touch presumptuous.

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  • MerryArwen

    Good lord, trying to decide which of those to attend would make my head explode.

  • Aleximus

    So… How do we get a copy of the conference papers/presentations?

  • jedesto

    Carl, don’t be too hard on the conference organizers. They have to prepare for crowd control and media frenzy.

  • JRC

    Rexiles! How can I use that in everyday conversation? Because I must…

  • Judy

    Monks and nuns living together! Lesbo love in the weasel chapel! Hereditary mutiliations!

  • JRC

    Just put the words “Sarah” “Palin” and “Drama” in the title and you’ll need a full security detail. Just don’t forget to use alliteration. Somehow.

  • Megan

    Where is it?

  • Dr. Davis

    But the 21st century title means I only have to look at ten years’ worth of work. It makes it a lot easier to cover a huge topic. So I’m happy with it.

    Now it’s true that we have no clue how the 21st century overall will do something, but we can tell how it has done it so far.

  • j.adair

    personally, I’m more psyched about the “porn of the middle ages” panel.

  • A Pilgrim

    Is a copy of your paper available online somewhere?

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