Read the hell out of this, stat

I think I tweeted a link to this guy before, but then V&V went and reminded me he exists and I fell in love all over again.  I speak of Myths RETOLD, specifically his version of Part I of Beowulf.*

Here’s a bit for the flavor.  He makes some good points, I think.

see at the start of this story
basically what Grendel is doing
is every night
when Hrothgar settles down to have himself a sweet party
in his meadhall
Grendel comes charging out of the swamp
humps the door down
and proceeds to play cockhockey with the internal organs
of all the people who are trying to get their booze on
he does this FOR TWELVE YEARS
there are several shocking things about this
one is that these are twelve years of solid murder we are talking about
but more importantly
where do they keep getting dudes
to come to these parties
after say
the first SIX YEARS of unstoppable death
you would think word would get around
like hey
party at Hrothgar’s crib tonight
are you coming
but perhaps most bizarre
is the fact that Hrothgar CONTINUES to party throughout these 12 years
this is clearly a man who is committed to partying

Again, you can read the rest here.

  1. * Influenced somewhat by the movie, but in a good way. []

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  • Hann1bal

    Wow. I think my thesis is going out the window for a little bit, so I can read the hell out of as much of this as possible.

  • Desdemona

    I read right through the Arthurian entries and am on to Don Quixote; there goes my Sunday! (Isn’t it amazing how much stuff Malory just gets wrong, wrong, wrong?)

  • Alexandra

    You have done humanity a tremendous service passing this link on to greater numbers of people. Bless.

  • Harriet May

    I wish I had had this in college, when I first read Beowulf. Of course I didn’t appreciate it then; I used Wikipedia to study from for the exam* (please don’t hurt me).

    *I did get a first though, which in England is the top mark, comparable I suppose to an A. I don’t know what that says about the exam.

  • James Benedicktus

    I just ran into this site this week, and printed out all three beowulf blogs. It is so hilarious!!! I’m a big fan of the poem (used it for oral interp purposes) and almost like this version better.

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