This Post Doesn’t End Well

I know I said last week that I wasn’t going to be making a whole month out of these cats’n mice in Harley 6563, but the resulting protests in every major city* have moved me to reconsider.  But before I go on, I do warn you, the image of a cat playing a rebec above** is false advertising.*** The fate of the Harley kittys is not so sanguine.  Click on the ‘Read More’ below only if you are prepared for feline tragedy.

If you’ll remember, when last we left our grey stripey kitties, one was avenging the death and defenestration of his stripey kinsman.  We rejoin the epic battle a few pages later, where we find the mice have elected a single champion to face down the kitty on the field of battle:

Click to enlarge, svp

For some reason, the grey cat has decided to use a new weapon, forgoing crossbow for longbow.  Now, given my recent experience fighting Elizabeth’s longbows in Civ V,**** I was wholly unprepared for the outcome of this battle.  And that’s the last warning you get before I show you the end of our story:

You probably shouldn't click to enlarge. It'll just make it hurt more.

I call foul.  There’s no way a mouse has the upper body strength to hurl a spear all the way across the margin into the poor kitty’s heart.  But the illuminator and I do not see eye to eye.  Alack, alay, etc. Do not ask for whom the grey cat plays his rebec. He plays for thee, sweet cat prince, he plays for thee.

But, I gotta admit, that grey striped kitty sure is cute as he begs for his life.

  1. * And also Houston, which was kind of overkill, guys. []
  2. ** From much earlier in the MS. []
  3. *** And only placed here so that I didn’t have to give the end of the story away when I post this to Facebook.  Preview pictures are my bane. []
  4. **** Seriously, if Sid Meier is right, longbows are a useful addition to your army even if you have modern artillery. []

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  • Theodric Aelfwinesson

    Isn’t it too late to beg for his life? I think he’s saying his prayers. So what’s the lesson here? Don’t switch to a weapon you’re less familiar with mid-battle? I’m with you, though.
    Spear-chucking mouse equals fail.

  • Harry

    Now hold on a minute. I say Tom is innocent. Perhaps you’ll tell us the fact he’s still holding his spear is irrelevant, since convention allows the weapon to depicted twice, either side of the gutter, but look at the angle of entry of the shaft that struck Jerry in the left shoulder. It’s clearly coming from a different spot altogether. The paws were already in the air begging for mercy when a second assassin let fly from somewhere else, somewhere between the mouse and the reader. There is a grassy knoll here, and it’s not the one shown in either margin.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t Tom the cat?

    • Bill DeVoe

      I do like the grassy knoll concept here. There are definitely trees that could hide erstwhile rodent assassins. Yet, as pointed out, Tom’s the cat (as in Tom cat) and Jerry’s the mouse (as in, they couldn’t think of a good mouse name pun and used Jerry instead). Alack, alay, etc. indeed.

    • Chirhoiota

      This is why I love this blog…only this readership could find Zapruder-esque evidence to reignite a thousand-year-old conflict within the animal kingdom.
      (What no one else knows is that the evil Sir Felix had, two years earlier, imposed confiscatory taxes on cheese that left his rodent serfs living paw to mouth. Sir Felix is merely getting his just desserts in this rodent version of the Jacquerie.)

  • Philo

    I’ve said it before; I think they’re rats. And if rats can chew through steel and survive the nuclear holocaust, they can throw a spear across a quarto.

    Provided they get they opposable thumb thing worked out.

  • Lindamller

    I once saw a Japanese version of this story in a series of woodcuts; the victorious mice served cat sushi rolls on a lacquer tray.

  • Lakou

    Tom and Jerry my foot, this a Medieval tale of Krazy and Ignatz! I was half expecting a brick to finish off the poor stripey cat.

  • Angus

    Heh, I really enjoyed this three-part post. What an unexpected outcome–those mice are hardcore!

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