A Standardized Test Crosspost

I know I’ve spoken before here about standardized tests, so this post would technically fall under the umbrella of ‘things important to academics’ even if it’s not medieval, but I’ve decided to host it elsewhere.

If you’re interested in my thoughts on the story that’s going around now about Rick Roach, the Florida school board member who took (and failed) the standardized test that tenth graders in Florida have to take to graduate, check out the following link:

A Cautionary Test Tale From Florida’s FCAT Fiasco

That’s the blog I started as part of my business, Ivory Tower Tutoring. I let it wither well before I stopped posting here, but I’m hopeful I’ll be active both places now. Fingers crossed.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m hopefully you will too – infrequent as it might be, I’ve really enjoyed the stuff here.

    BTW – my best friend (literally almost forever) went through pretty much the same deal with his disertation if it’s any consolation. As a hopeless procrastinator myself I also have a lot of sympathy…

  • Anonymous

    Aiaiai! If you’re one of those who read the linked post and were all, ‘That’s not how median works,’ you’re right, it’s not. A case of looking so hard for evidence to support a claim you forget what you’re doing. It’s been fixed.

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