Happy Valentine’s Day from the Posts of Valentines Past

Greetings once more, gentle readers,

Mayhap thou remembrest me? It be’st I, Sir Ten-to-Three, formerly Baby New Year 1023, the same soul who didst some months past gain some small pittance of coin from yon King of This Blog, long mayest he reignest, by listing the posts of his majesty’s that once werest posted on the holiday of Christmas, once upon a time. Today, I maketh a return engagement in order that you may be revisited by the posts that formerly marked the Feast of St. Valentine.

In the year of our lord 2010, the King didest favorest thy with a marginalia depicting The King of Love. I’truth, I hath not been to the kingdom of said king, but I hear from mine confidants that he is far too metaphorical to put out decent hors d’oeuvres.

In the year of our lord 2009, yet another Feast of St. Valentines-themed marginal imageth wast featuredeth–zounds! Where dost The King findeth it all? This one, it befell, concerned a lover’s heart pierced by a fell arrow.

Also in the year of our lord 2009, the King of the Blog didst expound upon the role played by the noble Geoffrey of Chaucer in beginning the sanguine holiday of Valentines.

I hath been instructed to append below a disparaging remark concerning some soul dubbed “Geoffrey Chaucer Who Hath a Blog“, as is the wont of the King of the Blog, but slay me, I canst not discern the magic of the footnote-making machine. A gentle fox didst try to assist me, but he could not make the infernal contraption work, either, even after I vouchsafed to him the new magic word of passage. Alas.1

It appears that these are all the Valentine posts the blog’s author hath posted. I wouldst have thought there wouldst be more. Truly, even in the Feast Calendar for February, the King of the Blog didst slight the noble saint. Then again, looking as I hath at many of the King’s former posts of olden days, such as this, and this, I wonder if betimes the King ist not somewhat melancholy wherest the subject of ye olde faire maidens is’th concerned.

  1. ♣ Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha–ahem–haha. []

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